AIRIE Workflow

We begin the collaborative process by discussing your samples, goals, geologic setting, expectations, and budget. Together, we create a thorough, well-defined analytical plan. Send AIRIE your samples once an actionable analytical plan is agreed upon.

After sample receipt, AIRIE photo-documents each sample, extract targeted mineral via drilling under a binocular microscope or by crushing and hand-picking.  Post-extraction photos are taken providing clean linkage between the determined age and geological context.

Targeted sample extracts are analyzed following established, reproducible Re-Os and/or Hg geochemical methods.  Certified standard material and background analyses (blanks) ensure robust, reliable data.  Correction for background contributions (blanks) are applied.

Re, Os, and/or Hg concentrations are reported with fully propagated errors.  Re-Os model ages or isochrons provide geochronological information.  A full analytical report, data tables, relevant plots and figures, photo-documentation, and interpretations are provided.

Contact AIRIE to Submit Your Sample

Please tell us about your sample, your needs, your budget, and your timeline so we can best plan for analyses of your samples.  Thank you!