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Discussing the nitty gritty of Re-Os-Hg analysis

4 August 2023

Isotope Dilution -- Foundation of Re-Os Geochronology

Isotope Dilution

Before introducing the age equation and how AIRIE determines geological ages, we first must explain how to determine the sample's rhenium and osmium concentration (and associated parent 187Re and daughter 187Os).

Introducing Isotope Dilution -- the Key to the Kingdom.


27 June 2023

Elements, Isotopes, Radioactive Decay

Elements, Isotopes, and Radioactive Decay

To kick off the AIRIE Blog series, it is back to basics with a refresher on elements, isotopes, and radioactive decay.  With a solid understanding of these topics, we will be able to dig deep into rhenium-osmium (Re-Os) analysis and the nitty gritty details on how AIRIE produces geochronological data.

Rhenium and osmium are two of (roughly) 91 naturally occurring elements found naturally in nature.  Read more...

12 June 2023


Coming Soon...

AIRIE, always rising!  Re-Os-Hg data proves invaluable when investigating ore-forming systems, petroleum systems, mass extinctions and climate change, sea water chemistry, crustal fluid mobility, metals in soil, and timing of geological events.

After 25 years at Colorado State University, AIRIE is up and running as a small, engaging, and efficient small business still producing the Re-Os-Hg data for which we are known.  We are now located at the Innosphere Ventures technology incubator campus in north Fort Collins. Come work with the team that pioneered Re-Os applications in crustal rocks for resource geology and extended the system beyond what the founders thought possible.

In the following weeks, we will update the blog with deep dives into Re-Os-Hg geochemistry and analysis. Background theory, historical perspectives, and unique applications will be presented in quick-read blog posts. 
Additionally, application specific posts will aid in understanding AIRIE results, complement our reports, and provide background on how the data was produced. 

Stay tuned.