Providing real collaboration and interpretations not just a table of numbers --
All AIRIE analyses include geochemical analysis with replicates when necessary, analysis of standards and background levels (blanks),
data tables and plots, publication-ready description of standard analytical procedures, the option for literature review to further
integrate results into known geology and geochronology (Add-On Consulting), and suggestions for follow-up and/or future work.
Molybdenite and Highly Radiogenic Samples

Geological samples that contain predominantly parent rhenium (187Re) with little to no initial osmium (namely 187Os) are analyzed as a single mineral chronometer and directly provide a robust model age.  Samples of this type cost $2500 per sample inclusive of the items described under Pricing above.

Sulfide, Oxide, Black Shale Samples

Samples containing initial common Os require the isochron approach for age determination.  At least 4-5 analyses (points) are required for an isochron although 6-8 points are preferred.  As such, the isochron approach requires $10,000 to $20,000 investment.  Beneficially, an isochron also provides initial 187Os/188Os information. AIRIE works hand-in-hand with you to produce data for these samples without excessive costs.

Direct Mercury Analyzer (DMA) Analysis

Milestone DMA-80 evo analyses are $50.00 per sample with data delivery as a publication-ready data table (example Excel spreadsheet). Add-On Consulting may be added for manipulating large datasets, data interpretation, and/or integration with other geochemistry.

Add-On Consulting

For complex, unusual, or large datasets it is recommended to leverage AIRIE's in-house experience to acquire the most reliable, comprehensive, and encompassing interpretations.  AIRIE can provide in-depth literature review, arrange supplemental geochemical analyses from top-level collaborating labs that directly integrates with AIRIE Re-Os-Hg, and networking possibilities.  Work with the experts!  Please contact AIRIE for pricing.


“Thanks very much for this, and as always you have nailed it perfectly. We can now correlate two mineralized skarns surrounding the intrusion.”

Peter Pollard
Consultant, Pollard Geological Services

“Dr. Holly Stein and Dr. Judy Hannah hired me to work in the AIRIE geochronology lab on campus and became my advisors for my thesis. They are extremely kind-hearted and amazing advisors and spent time with me to answer all my questions and help me with my undergraduate thesis.”