AIRIE Mission Statement

To set an example for ethical practices,
To pursue excellence in science and technology,
To seek global applications for fundamental discoveries,
To advance the geosciences for the benefit of Earth and her inhabitants.

We will accomplish these goals by diligence and creativity, by engaging
other disciplines, embracing new ideas, and respecting diverse perspectives.
Re-Os Geochronology and Os Isotope Tracer Studies
Applied to Sulfides, Black Shales, and Hydrocarbons

Scientific Interests and Expertise

  • Petrology and petrochemistry
  • Isotope geochemistry
  • Refining Earth’s time scale
  • Re-Os dating of hydrocarbons and shales
  • Hydrocarbon maturation and migration
  • Geochemical cycles in the earth
  • Exchange of metals from mantle to crust
  • Tectonics – the big picture
  • Geoscience education
Professional Background
My geologic career began in geophysics, exploring for geothermal resources in the field and monitoring microseismicity. Graduate and postdoctoral research led me into mapping and reconstructing volcanic and subvolcanic systems, seeing through hydrothermal and metamorphic overprints, trace element and isotope geochemistry, applying these to ore genesis. In 1996, as Department Head of Geosciences, I helped establish the AIRIE Program, focusing on applications of Re-Os geochemistry, first in magmatic and hydrothermal ores, and more recently in the sedimentary environment and petroleum systems.

Current Projects
On-going projects are designed to understand how metals – especially rhenium and osmium – are distributed in the earth, how they are transported from the earth’s interior to the crust, and how they are concentrated in various reservoirs in the earth’s lithosphere, hydrosphere, and biosphere. A major focus is on organic material – how Re and Os are captured in organic-rich sediments, and how they behave through compaction, heating and fluid interactions, transformation of the organic material to oil and gas, and migration of these hydrocarbons in the earth’s subsurface.

Contact Information
The best way to contact me is by e-mail – the one constant in life:

For snail-mail or telephone, e-mail in advance to find out which side of the ocean I’m on.

Dr. Judith L. Hannah, Professor
Department of Geosciences, AIRIE Program
Colorado State University
Fort Collins, CO 80523-1482 USA
+1.970.491.5661 (phone)
+1.970.491.6307 (fax)