AIRIE Mission Statement

To set an example for ethical practices,
To pursue excellence in science and technology,
To seek global applications for fundamental discoveries,
To advance the geosciences for the benefit of Earth and her inhabitants.

We will accomplish these goals by diligence and creativity, by engaging
other disciplines, embracing new ideas, and respecting diverse perspectives.
Re-Os Geochronology and Os Isotope Tracer Studies
Applied to Sulfides, Black Shales, and Hydrocarbons
The AIRIE Program produces state-of-the-art developmental and analytical work in Re-Os (rhenium-osmium) geochronology. Affiliated with Colorado State University, and in partnership with the University of Oslo, Norway, the AIRIE Program supports its personnel and facility wholly by grants, contracts, and gifts.

We close the gap between geochemistry and geology to produce fundamental science that can be turned around and applied to resource understanding. We are known for pioneering insightful sampling strategies grounded in field and petrographic observations. We develop close working relationships with partners in the mineral and petroleum industries and in governmental and academic research institutes. There is no greater joy than success on testing new approaches in new places with new thinking.

Our research has been carried out in more than 85 countries and has queried Earth history from Archean to Recent time. We value the groundwork laid by other scientists, and work forward from fundamental field relationships mapped by those before us. This working mantra provides an exciting network to probe new ideas, respect tradition, and drive new interpretations leading to new understanding and discovery.

Re-Os geochemistry gives understanding to how and when metal and hydrocarbon resources are created and where they might be located.  

For more information, please contact:

Dr. Holly Stein, Senior Research Scientist and Professor
Director, AIRIE Program, Colorado State University,
Research Scientist, Geosciences, University of Oslo, Norway
700 million years of history at the Eidsvoll gold mine, SE Norway